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Corporate Mission and Values of National Health Superintendence


​Corporate principles

  • Public goods are sacred.
  • Life and health are First.
  • Institutional Performance Management.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • The human talent as the most valuable asset of the entity.

Corporate values

(Resolution 4111 of 2014)

Commitment: To comply with the institutional obligations, demonstrating a capacity of appropriation of the mission and goals of the institution.

Effectiveness: Servers and collaborators of National Superintendence of Health “Supersalud” capacity of achieving the results and expected impact according to the planned activities in compliance with corporate goals.

Efficiency: To use, optimize, rationalize and moderate the administrative, technical, technological and financial resources of the Institution, in order to achieve corporate goals.

Equity: To give everyone what belongs to them, fairly, according to their needs, merits, abilities and rights; regardless of age, race, gender, religion or social class.

Loyalty: To assume a sense of belonging and devotion commitments arising from the constitutional functions and purposes assigned to the Bank.

Legality: To comply and enforce the law transparently, meeting the requirements of users and the internal operation of the Bank.

Continuous Improvement: To apply established procedures and management tools available, so as to formulate and implement strategies to respond promptly to changes in the environment, in order to meet the highest standards of quality, based on excellent management results.

Opportunity: To develop as temporary and appropriate; that is to say, under the highest quality standards, all functions necessary for the Entity to provide their goods and services, according to the times set by the processes and procedures, standards and requirements of the different interest groups.

Relevance: To make choices and alternative that contributes the most in solving the problems and meeting the requirements of the various interest groups taking as a reference to the legal provisions and all operational tools established by the Entity for the development of their work.

Integrity: To be transparent, authentic and act in good faith with itself and the others through honesty, truthfulness and frankness.

Respect: To maintain an attitude of the other’s understanding, consideration, recognition and tolerance on the feeling, thinking and acting, recognizing their rights.

Responsibility: To take over the consequences of words, decisions and commitments and, in general, every free and voluntary acts when their results are good and rewarding, or when they are adverse and undesirable

Solidarity: To have an interaction based on attitudes of collaboration, mutual support, satisfaction search of personal goals and to achieve organizational goals.

Teamwork: To coordinate and integrate efforts between several people and agencies that need each other to achieve a result in a company or cause.

Service Vocation: To help or to solve with kindness and good disposition the compliance of a process, a need, a demand, a request or a satisfaction expectative.

Universality: To contribute democratically and participially in order to guarantee the fundamental right to equality and the protection of users and the community at large.


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