History of National Superintendence of Health

1977- 1990

The entity emerges in 1977 with the name of “Superintendence of Health Insurance”, with the aim of control and monitor administration, services, and health facilities of all national mandatory insurances, according to the National Health System, as part of the Social Security Institute. – ISS.

In 1989, The Republic Congress approved the law 15 of 1989, in which the norms and guidelines about organization, structure, funding of health services and public assistance were issued, reorganizing all functions of the Superintendence and changing its denomination to National Superintendence of Health.

The issuance of these new standards set to the entity an obligation to execute the Inspection, Monitoring and Control (IVC) on the activities related to health services provision in Mandatory Social Insurances, public assistance , medical care by entities created or supported by the state; and on liquidation, gathering and fiscal resources transferring that apply to such activities, including monitoring public providers , the aid entities and lotteries.

In 1990 the Superintendence is reorganized by Decree Law 1472 and it is set to be directed to the technical authority on inspection , surveillance and control of: a) the quality and efficiency of Health Mandatory Social Security service delivery, Social Welfare, Prepaid Medicine and entities that contract health services with an official health subsector and family compensation funds ; b ) on liquidation, gathering , money , charging and use of resources that apply to such activities and other health actions , whatever their origin is; and , c ) efficiency in obtaining and applying resources of official subsector entities belonged to the health sector, adding new subjects, such as: Provident Institutions , prepaid medicine companies , Family Compensation (health) , liquors.

1991- 1994

By 1991 , under the provisional article 20 of the Constitution , Decree 2165 of 1992 , whereby the National Superintendence of Health restructures and establishes the objective of being a technical inspection authority, that monitors and controls in relation to compliance with the laws and regulations to entities providing health services are subject provisions, providing prepaid medical services and the Family Compensation Funds ; as well as efficiency in implementation, procurement and implementation of the resources of the entities of the Official Health Subsector; and in settlement , gathering, money transfers , collection and use of fiscal resources and other rentier taxes, whatever their origin is, with the aim of providing health services.

Later, in 1994 , Decree 1259, was issued in development of Decree 1266 of 1994, the National Superintendence of Health was restructured , with the aim of executing functions of Inspection, Monitoring and Control of the General System of Social Security in Health, for which its spectrum was expanded to Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance -SOAT, FOSYGA , Entities Health Promoter- Health Promoter Entity (Contributory and subsidized Regime) Health Services Providers Institutions–IPS, Health Services , Employers and Territorial Entities (Departments, Districts and Municipalities).

2007- 2013

In 2007 Law 1122 by which the System of Inspection, Surveillance and Control of the General System of Social Security in Health, which is now leaded by the National Superintendence of Health, is created based on the following axes: financing, insurance, provision of public health care, customer service and social participation, actions and special measures, information and targeting of health subsidies. Additionally the powers of the judicial function and reconciliation, were granted, to be effective in addressing the needs of the users of the system and it monitors on new figures such as special and exempt regimes.

With Decree 1018 of 2007 ( March 30 ) , the National Superintendence of Health’s structure was modified and strengthened the entity by virtue of the competences conferred by Law 1122; in which five Superintendents Delegates are established: Superintendence Delegated for Generation and Management of Economic Sources for Health, Superintendence Delegated for Health Care , Superintendence Delegated for User Protection and Citizen Participation, Superintendence Delegated for Special Measures, Superintendent Delegated for Jurisdictional and Conciliation Services. Four offices we established: Juridical Consultancy Office, Planning Consultancy Office, Internal Monitoring Office, and Information, Technology and the General Secretary Office.

Finally in 2013, the National Superintendence of Health was restructured again, through Decree 2462 of that same year, after Development Plan of President Juan Manuel Santos ordered a change in philosophy for the Entity, so that the Superintendence focuses on the protection of the rights of health system users. That was how the PQR procedures were centralized in a single delegate called "User protection".

Additionally strengthening the delegate of Institutional Supervision, responsible for carrying out inspection and monitoring and sanctioning powers to a single agency separated was intended.

The decree also created a Risk Delegation that seeks to identify the operation risks in the monitored operational, technological, legal and health matters, tracking their administration, in order to make monitoring processes on these procedures.​​


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